Miki Duvall

Varsity Boys Tennis

Miki Duval, Head Coach

Miki Duval was a competitive swimmer and high jumper in high school. She also competed on the synchronized swim team for Michigan State University and participated in four collegiate national championships for the sport. After moving to Savannah, she decided to take tennis lessons and has been playing on local USTA teams for about 20 years. Over the years she has gone to at least six state level competitions with her USTA women’s teams and mixed doubles teams. She has coached tennis at St. Andrew’s school for 10 years. In 2019, the Boys and Girls Varsity teams won the region, participated in individual state competitions for singles and doubles, and the boys team was the state runner up for AA.  

Jimmy Coscia, Assistant Coach

Karl Scheiffer Assistant Coach

Boys Tennis

Photo provided by Banks Fana ’24



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