COVID-19 Emergency Fund

In the matter of a few weeks, our priorities and needs have shifted dramatically and unexpectedly. Our parents, students, teachers, administrative team, and staff have shown an exceptional level of commitment and adaptation to the remote learning method of instruction. Our educators continue to refine their teaching methods to deliver curricular material while remaining cognizant that their classroom relationship and the emotional well-being of their students are also at the forefront of our community and mission. Our students show up each day eager to learn with the support of their families. The resilience of our community is palpable.

While the disruption to our normal way of life affects our whole school community, we are well aware that individual families have felt varying degrees of impact in this situation. One of the biggest strengths of our school is our strong sense of community and the ways in which we come together for the benefit of our students. For those who have not suffered a serious financial impact, we are asking for your consideration in supporting our school community at this time through the COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

Some of the ways your support will help our community:

  • Emergency financial tuition assistance for current families who have been substantially impacted by COVID-19 business closures or employment changes applying to the school for additional temporary assistance
  • Anticipated increases in supplies for classrooms and the nurse’s office including hand sanitization, disinfectant and cleaners, personal protective equipment
  • Planned improvements in infrastructure to support student wellness including air quality improvements and social distancing measures
  • Resources for student support and wellness in crisis response