Middle School Soccer

Middle School Boys Soccer

Nate Hanks, Head Coach

Nate Hanks is a wonderful coach from the St. Peter’s family who has dived into the program with passion and expertise. Additionally, he coaches two Savannah United youth teams and has two boys on our combined teams. Creative and technical, Coach Nate enjoys being a part of developing the individual talents of players with the hope of future success in the program.

Middle School soccer


5th Grade
Henry Coleman
Peter Minichbauer
Miles Prusa
Ford Rogers
Nathan Sommers

6th Grade
Robert Federal
Joey Fobes
Nikos Hanks
Tommy Kearns
Max Koegler
Waylon Peterson

7th Grade
Nathan Hanks
Thaddeus Sawyer
Ben Weisel

8th Grade
Thatcher Knudson
Zachary Krauss
Nicco Magliulo
Michael Sweeney