Middle School Girls Soccer

Mckinley Fodness, Head Coach

A graphic arts student at SCAD, Coach Mac has loads of experience coaching at the middle school level. He is a member of the SCAD team who has roots in Seattle, Washington where he played and coached at his neighborhood club. He is thrilled to be a part of the St. Andrew’s soccer program. He has already shown promise in motivating and encouraging the team to hone their skills and unite as a team.

Middle School Girls Soccer


Vivienne Carter
Mara Damron
Ava Hagemes
Valerie Ward

Sophie Argentinis
Natalya Kay
Mackenzie Mahon
Maya Prasad
Lila Rojas Ache

Coco Carnahan
Cecelia Glaize
Allie Laing
Evangeline Rominger
Sydney Smurawski


Ava Rojas Ache
Sydney Berkman
Nadya Doscher