Judi Griffin loves teaching science, technology, engineering, and math. As a native Savannahian, Judi has earned a BS degree in Elementary Ed. and a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with Science Concentration both from Armstrong State University. She developed an early love for science and has enjoyed teaching and learning about science every day.  Judi assisted a former professor at Armstrong teaching STEM to teachers enrolled for summer credits. She has a strong love of water sports and swimming. She has been a certified SCUBA diver for many years and welcomes every opportunity to “get wet.” In 2009, she conducted research on ocean currents and released fifty drift bottles off the coast of San Salvador, Bahamas.  To date, four of these bottles have been recovered, one in Ireland, one at the mouth of the English Channel, one in the Faroe Islands, and recently one was found on a beach in the Bahamas. This has been an exciting on-going project, and each and every day there is hope of recovering the others that remain somewhere in this vast world!