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Making a gift to St. Andrew’s means so much to our current students and future leaders. Other than tuition dollars, nothing is more vital to the daily operations of St. Andrew’s than a monetary gift, a donation to the annual auction, or some other form of support that provides resources and materials in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the arts. Thank you for being a part of our giving community.


cash or credit

Cash and Credit Card Gifts

You can make your credit card gift online by choosing one of the donation options.  If you prefer to write a check, please make checks payable to St. Andrew’s School and mail to:

 St. Andrew’s School
Office of Advancement
601 Penn Waller Road
Savannah, GA 31410

Gifts of Securities

For individuals wishing to make a gift of securities, the School recommends the following steps:

1. Please advise the business office at 912-897-4941 ext. 452 of your gift plans by phone or email so we can properly recognize the gift when the proceeds are received.

2. Have your broker electronically transfer stock directly to St. Andrew’s School. The School has a relationship with Merrill Lynch in Savannah and Sanford Bernstein in Boston. The account numbers and brokers may be learned by contacting our business office.



In-kind gifts are non-cash donations that are used to carry out our educational mission. Gifts-in-kind include books, music, computers, construction materials and much more.

matching gifts

Matching Gifts

You may have the opportunity to double or even triple the value of your gift. Many companies offer matching gift programs to their employees as part of the benefits package. Please contact your Human Resources Office to learn more about your company’s matching gift policy and to determine if you are eligible for a matching gift.

in honor or memory

Gifts in Honor or Memory

St. Andrew’s regularly receives donations in honor or memory of loved ones, classmates, and friends. Memorial gifts are given in memory of those who have gone before us. Honor gifts typically commemorate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.

planned donation

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a method of supporting the future of St. Andrew’s School through financial and estate planning. The generosity of alumni, parents, grandparents and friends will enable the school to plan now for future needs and ensure financial stability and a superior education for generations to come. Gifts of securities or life insurance, the creation of charitable remainder trusts and bequests are all vehicles of planned giving which benefit the school and leave a lasting legacy. Planned giving often offers tax benefits which can best be explained by a broker or tax advisor.

pledge donation

Pledge Payments

Another gift option is to pay a pledge at a later date or in a series of installments. Please contact the business office at 912-897-4941 ext. 452 to set up a giving schedule that works for you.


It is a rare and wonderful thing to be able to help a child secure a great education at one of Georgia’s premier K-12 private schools. It is even more rare for a person to be able to do so by re-directing a portion of their Georgia income taxes toward the provision of scholarships to deserving families. Yet, in essence, by making a contribution to an SSO (Student Scholarship Organization), you can do just that. In exchange for your contribution, you will receive a Georgia income tax credit. Plus, if you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return, your contribution will be deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

Make a difference today by contributing to either GA GOAL Scholarship Program or Chatham SSO.

Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc., and Chatham SSO are both qualified student scholarship organizations listed as approved on the Georgia Department of Education’s official website.

Individual Donors

Under a 2008 Georgia law, individuals can make a contribution to benefit Georgia’s children and get a state income tax credit for their generosity! We invite you to join these individuals by redirecting your state taxes.  This year we are sure that the $50 million cap will be reached before the year end and encourage you to take action immediately.   In most cases, not only will the children benefit but the donors will be able to take a federal deduction based on their charitable redirection.

A single individual redirecting their taxes is eligible to receive a credit against his or her Georgia income tax liability in an amount equal to the amount contributed, or $1,000, whichever is less. For an individual taxpayer filing a married filing separate return, the credit is limited to the amount contributed, or $1,250, whichever is less.

A married couple redirecting taxes is eligible to receive a credit against their Georgia income tax liability in an amount equal to the amount contributed, or $2,500, whichever is less.

A federal charitable income tax deduction is also available for those individual taxpayers who itemize deductions on their federal return.


C Corporations are encouraged to redirect taxes and help improve education for Georgia’s children!  C Corporations that contribute to an SSO are eligible for a credit against their Georgia income tax liability in an amount not to exceed the amount contributed, or 75 percent of the corporation’s income tax liability, whichever is less.  C Corporations may designate that their contributions be used to provide scholarships to students who desire to attend one or more of our participating schools.



We will be happy to send this form for you or you may mail it yourself to:

Georgia Dept. of Revenue
Qualified Education Expense Credit
1800 Century Blvd NE
Suite 8107
Atlanta, Ga 30345

Please contact Liz Stephens or Shannon Rossitter for more information.