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Lower School | Pre-K 3 – Grade 4

Beginnings matter in education,

and the Lower School at St. Andrew’s takes pride in the exceptional way our teachers bring learning to life. From gardens to barrier islands, baking bread to reader’s theater, the youngest students at St. Andrew’s are engaged daily in adventurous exploration. 

going beyond
Enrichment Beyond Traditional Academics
One of the hallmarks of Independent School education is the unique flexibility to enrich the curriculum in ways that help children grow to be well rounded learners. Enrichment classes begin in our Pre-K3 classroom, and include exposure to Spanish, Music, PE, Art, STEAM, Library, and Technology. Beginning in grade 3, our students have the opportunity to select between a band or a strings instrument to foster a deeper level of music appreciation. Fine Arts performances like our annual Lower School Rising Stars Musical, athletic opportunities, and robust after school offerings ensure all students are able to explore a variety of opportunities and celebrate their unique gifts and talents. 
Nurturing the Whole Child
Children develop best when they have secure relationships. Fostering those relationships is a job our gifted and experienced teachers value and recognize as the first step in building a solid foundation for learning. Capturing your child’s heart leads inevitably to opening their mind, and our small class sizes and personalized approach to instruction inspire confidence in our students. 
Fostering the Innovators of Tomorrow
A home for thinkers, creators, and problem solvers – the Lower School at St. Andrew’s is teaching tomorrow’s leaders. Our teachers recognize the 21st Century skills our students will need as the foundation for their future, and appreciate that those skills are rooted in the early development of curiosity, flexibility, and collaboration.