St. Andrew’s Lower School and STARS presents

APRIL 28TH, 2023

Concert and Talent Show

3rd Grade Chorus

The Swing: Victor C. Johnson
Tell Me What You See: Amy F. Bernon
4th Grade Band
Ming Court
Variations on Mozart Melody

4th Grade Orchestra

Singin’ All Day Long:
Karen Crane and Greg

Tonight’s Host:

Mr. Byrne
Ruth Anne Sutton: Piano

3rd Grade Orchestra

Selections from Strictly
Emily Broom: Dance
Rowdy Relihan: Piano

3rd grade Band

Lightly Row
Farm Out
Crusaders March
Go Tell Bill
Greer Sullivan: Piano
Caroline Cox, Taylor Howell,
and Norah King: Vocals
Selections from Strictly Strings
Charlotte Gotwalt: Piano
Zac Berwitz: Vocals

4th Grade Chorus

Memories: Maroon 5
Minuet in G: Bach
A Thousand Years: Christina Perri
Peanuts Theme Song
Blue Scales
Sunroof: Nicky Youre
Ode to Joy: Beethoven
I’m Not That Smart: 25th Annual
Putnam County Spelling Bee
Will Hopson and Ms.
RWailwliasmon Tell Overture