“Being a St. Andrew’s Lion is simply just awesome. Every single student gets to play a sport or participate in a production if they want to. St. Andrew’s is a special school because of its ability to not only develop their student’s skills, but to make them feel as if they are stars.”

– Class of ’22

Being a St. Andrew’s Lion is simply just awesome

“St. Andrew’s has teachers that are genuinely interested in their students and with the small class sizes they can challenge students  no matter their strengths or weaknesses.”

– Parent of ’20 and ’24

Teachers that are genuinely interested

“I love St. Andrew’s because a student can be whatever they want to be. Whether interested in academics, sports, clubs, performing, art, technology, or whatever, they can participate at almost any level.”
– Parent of ’17, ’19, and ’23

Whatever they want to be

“… The fun learning environment creates students that have an enthusiastic desire to learn…”
– Parent of ’19 and ’23

Fun Learning Environment