First Grade

Flying Wild

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First Grade Class

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Let us introduce you to our exciting Passport To Knowledge project

Our Passport To Knowledge showcase centers around all things Birds! As part of this year long study, we learned that birds help our environment and our sense of wellbeing, birds are wondrous and beneficial and we live with them in our environment, we developed an understanding of how plants and animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs as well as how behaviors of parents and offspring help the offspring survive, take what they know about plants and use that information to infer about how animals develop, their habitat and diet (the understanding is developed that plants and animals are similar in some ways, but have distinguishing characteristics.)

Why Birds Matter

100th Day Service Project

All About Feathers

Campus Bird Watching

Charley Harper and the Potato Birds

Oatland Island Field Trip

Oviparous or Viviparous

Bird Art


Screech Owl

Torn Paper Chicks


Paper Collage Chicks

Portrait of an Egg

Birds on a Board

Garden Bird Drawings

Thank You For Joining Us In Passport To Knowledge in First Grade