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Tricia Yates


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Let us introduce you to our exciting Passport To Knowledge project

Our Passport To Knowledge showcase centers around all things Paleontology! As part of this study, we learned about how studying clues left behind will help us understand the past, what fossils are and how they help us learn about the past, how has our earth has changed over time, what plants and animals existed in the past and how are they different from current plants and animals, and how can we teach others so the past is not forgotten.

Anticipatory Activity Dig 1

Journey Of Our Paleontologists in Training

Fossil Imprints and Paleontologists Tools

Meat vs. Plant Eaters

In this discovery experiment, students were asked to identify what a dinosaur would eat, based on what their teeth looked like. Students were given blocks of wood to replicate flat teeth, golf tees and staple pulls to represent sharp teeth as well as leaves and cotton balls. (plants and meat.) Students were then asked to see which was more effective in chewing each type of food; flat or pointed teeth. The students agreed that pointy or sharp teeth were much better for tearing than flat teeth. The students took this new knowledge and applied it to their lunch later that day. The conversations centered around what teeth they were using to chew! What great application! Well done PreK-4.

Ice Excavating

More Eggs! Ms. Griffin discovered eggs that had been frozen in ice. They have been around for millions of years and Prek-4 was able to study them. Each child was given an “egg” and asked to use their paleontologist tools and skills to excavate the contents. The students used pipettes filled with warm water, brushes, picks and towels to melt away the years of ice.

Just Exactly HOW Big Were Dinosaurs?

This activity was designed to illustrate the vast sizes of the dinosaurs. We picked the most popular dinosaurs and used a measuring wheel to measure the lengths of each. Students were a great help and enjoyed predicting how far they thought the dinosaurs’ length would stretch. We used the school drone and the help of Ms. Dixon to show an aerial view of the project.

PK4 presents to you: Dinosaurs!

Thank You For Joining Us In Passport To Knowledge in Pre-Kindergarten 4