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My Senior Year through Zoom

St. Andrew’s has been in person all year with the option of students taking classes remotely. A member of the class of 2021 shared some of his thoughts on the year as a remote student. Alex Nichols ’21 The past year has been insane for most people across the world. But, speaking as a student…

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The Future of College

Wendy Sutton, St. Andrew’s College Counselor In my thirty years of working in the area of college admissions and advising, the basic landscape has remained fairly constant with incremental changes that were manageable. The impact of those changes were felt in gradual ways. The introduction of the college ranking system (i.e. US News and World…

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READ IT AGAIN! Tricia Yates, Pre-K 4 Teacher   Have you ever wondered why your child insists on reading their treasured story over and over? Is this a good thing or do they need variety? Go ahead, read it again. When your child comes to you and asks, “Will you read to me?” you are…

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WHY INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE? by Ryan Martin, Assistant Head of School As college admissions becomes progressively more competitive, parents are becoming increasingly more educated consumers of their children’s school programs and curricula in hopes of giving their child the added advantages now that will pay off in the long run. As a school that made the…

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