Activity and Agility

Motivating students to develop a life-long love of healthy movement and physical activity is a top priority for PE educators. In Middle School, these students are outside as much as possible working on coordination, gross motor development, and skill-building movements with props like this agility ladder. For the students, it’s a chance to get out…

Drive-By Celebration

This spring will be remembered for turning the world and especially schools upside down, moving to digital classrooms, implementing virtual events, and finding creative approaches to every challenge presented. But the spirit of community could not be dampened. Last weekend, St. Andrew’s hosted a drive-by celebration for families as the faculty lined the entire campus. It was…

First Grade interactions


First grade teachers, Beth Adams and Jen Standing, picked veggies from the Lower School garden this week and delivered them to all their students. It was a great way to stay connected during the quarantine and celebrate their hard work in the garden this year.


For the Birds

First grade is doing an in depth study of birds and has already made a quick connection with Rolee McCullar ’20 in the Upper School. Rolee is a true bird lover, spending time watching them, studying the species and caring for 14 birds at home. He paid a visit to first grade to introduce them to his…

Theory of Knowledge

What is the Multiverse?

In January 2015, Mrs. Tiffany Phillips, our IB Coordinator and TOK teacher, asked Mr. Chris Morrow if he’d be interested in making a presentation for the Junior TOK class in the mathematics area of knowledge. Little did she or he know, this would become an ever-growing presentation that has now been presented to five classes…

Middle School St. Andrew's


3rd grade spent time studying the nation’s Constitution and then establishing their own Constitution for the Class of 2029! After collaborating in small groups, the entire class came together to write the formal document. Finally, everyone signed the Constitution, making it official.

Speaker Series Selects Sotomayor

Middle School Spanish teacher Grace Sotomayor has been selected to present at the 2019 TEDx Savannah conference in June. She is one of 19 individuals selected from a pool of more than 80 applicants for the annual event. Each speaker is limited to a maximum of 12 minutes to present an original talk influenced by the theme…